Vinna Bee (Hypnagogia)

Spring, the busiest time of the year for Bees.

Hi everyone Yes we are busy bees at the moment.

Demos completed now on to recording for the next release…So excited for you to hear the latest tunes.

Rehearsals have been intense in preparation for our Spring Dates in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Pontypridd. 

If you come along any of these dates please introduce yourself, come and say hello.  

I have some festivals coming up and will update you of those as soon as we get which day and time slots.

I have also had the absolute pleasure of being included in a compilation  Cd put together by All systems Go Records. Links here….. A showcase of independent Welsh music, all the proceeds go to HOMELESS CHARITY a most Excellent cause I think you’ll agree, so thank you Kevin Scottie Hunt.

Alongside this I am pleased to say I have been busy organising my photographic work as part of an exhibition called Industrial Landscape 5. A small selection my photos can be seen at the Andrew Buchan bar and Gallery from May 5th and digitally on this website under LS Art. There is also music to accompany but it isn’t quite ready just yet.

The exhibition also features … Gigi Jones and Glyn Owen to name drop a few.

Off to rehearsal now as the delights of London awaits us next Sunday….


Bee good, Bee safe.

PS The mini bus is now sold out for the London Date.

There is A BUZZZZZ

Hello all on #internationalwomansday

So London here we come again! Calendar here...                                   Love playing London always a good audience, tough but good. 

Demos/New tunes are sounding just great; Anyone who knows me appreciate that writing, recording and creating songs is my favorite part of the whole process, but …. I always get excited playing them live in front of an audience for the first time.                

We WILL have some new music ready for the upcoming UK dates to be announced shortly, so keep an eye on the calendar.

I’ll will also have some news about an art exhibition I'm involved in shortly, with some of my works on display …. I’ll update you as soon as I get a confirmation date.

Had a fantastic review of Hypnagogia from the Sunday Experience, and for those of you who haven’t yet read it here it is!  


Bee Good, Bee Kind

“Sometimes I hear My Voice, I hear my voice and it’s been here. Silent all these years, silent all these years”.   Tori Amos,  silent all these years, from the album Little Earthquakes.

The Bees have been Buzzing

Hello one and all! Hope I find you all well. 2017 promises to be an interesting year already for Vinna Bee.                             If you have been following our Calendar posts here on the website and other social media, you will know we have done a number of worthy and interesting events throughout January ... Firstly the wonderful Hope Not Hate campaign #moreincommon (Download Album) of which it has been a pleasure to be a part of, organised a stage at the Full Moon Club in Cardiff on January 15th as part of the #freeforallcardiff Festival.

We shared a stage with the lovely ladies of “Adwaith”, “Francesca’s World Salad”, and the headliner lovely Mr “Gareth Bonello” (The Gentle Good). What a great event to be a part of, I thoroughly enjoyed playing, and listening to ALL the great musicians who took part. Thank you to the audience members who came over for a chat after the show, It was lovely to meet you, and a  Big shout to Simon Tucker of Timeless Promotions and to Decidedly Records.         Also on the 21st January we played @ "The Milk & Honey Magical Mystery Tour" organised by the Andrew Buchan Bar and gallery Cardiff which culminated in a show @ “The Lamb & Fox” (The “highest” pub in Wales), Pwll Du, Blaenavon, Wales, UK. EVERY seat on the bus was SOLD, what a day / night!

Check out the calendar & plan your next trip on the “Magical Mystery(ish) Tour"                                                                                                             There are some amazing shots by Chris Lawrence ... “Sheildbug Photography” on the Photos Page ( added to the slideshow) so you MUST take a look!

I will bee releasing the final Video from Hypnagogia on Friday the 3rd of Feb on my You Tube channel, so keep an eye on social media and here for the last in the current series. Finally we are still in the process of demoing new songs alongside finalising dates for the months ahead. Exciting!                     Keep Warm my friends, & keep a close eye on my calendar page.....

Where humanity is going to find itself in, say, 20, 30, 40, or 50 years would be very difficult to predict, I think. There are moments, of course, when you think that it's going from bad to worse, but there are other moments when you think that human efforts are really flowering into something really fantastic.                                                                                                           John Hurt (Actor) RIP to one of my favourite actors

The Bees have gone to cwtch.

Hello. Firstly I would like to thank all of you who purchased Hypnagogia so far, and for the lovely messages of love I have received…I’m glad you like it.


I have just finished editing a visual project for Icefields with Mr Mike Winkelmann… Otherwise known as Beeple; He is a graphic designer who has created a number of high definition video clips that focus on the visualization of music through video. I’ll be posting it SOON!

We have some more dates to play us out of 2016 at the Andrew Buchan Cardiff (my local), Royal Standard Sheffield, and my home town of Pontypridd at Globetrotters bar; I haven’t played the old home town for over 2 years so it will be so nice to catch up with old friends along with continue to introduce new material to the set as I have done for all the dates this year.

We are in a very creative mode and the songs are pouring out, naturally the process of recording/demos has started again so I’ll keep you updated on that. 

In the meantime come and say hello at the upcoming shows we’d love to see you.

Bee happy. Keep warm and lets... Melt our icy hearts 

Latest News                                                         


Hello All.

Its finally arrived! and is available to purchase here:


I have been in my element working with these beats and sounds and so very pleased with the outcome.I think you'll agree it is Keeping within an accurate description of being eclectic & experimental

Its goes further into electronica yet I believe it manages to maintain the Vinna Bee sound, created by landscapes, vocals, lush dreamy guitars.

I am absolutely delighted for one of the tracks (iDisappear) to be part of the Album/campaign #moreincommon  which aims to bring communities together. 

The album will help raise funds and awareness as well as celebrate diversity through art. Get your orders in folks and support a GOOD cause. The album will be released digitally and available to download from 28 October 2016 from Bandcamp.          

Gigs have gone REALLY well and I am now in the process of lining up some more. Thank you to everyone who came to say hello in Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil , Pontypool and Sheffield it was truly lovely to meet you.                                                                                       


So in the meantime enjoy Hypnagogia 

Bee good to one another. 

Older News

Bees are everywhere

Hello All

Been  busy recording the next CD/download release, goodness how time flies when your having fun…Apologies for no update for a while. 

 I Have confirmed some live dates in support of this release which will be available in September, and is called……..   Hypnagogia.                                             

I will update you on another exciting release very soon,

and something I am very pleased to be a part of.

Great to be playing with Billy Bibby and the Wry Smiles, formally of Catfish and the Bottlemen @ the New Crown in Merthyr Tydfil. Vinna Bee has never played Merthyr Tydfil, so come along enjoy the music and say hello.

 Really looking forward to seeing our good friends in Hagglers Corner, Sheffield and playing for you all there …

Also playing my favorite venue in Cardiff, The Andrew Buchan Bar on Albany Road (my Local). With its wonderful Art projects, its diversity and politically astute clientele…… upcoming there is the brilliant exhibition, Portrait 11

Also the Dragonffli Pontypool. A new venue and town for me to play, so come along say hello.

Please check Website calendar for details of these dates and others

Currently listening to an oldie but goodie: Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld. The Orb.

Take care and Bee good to one another.

Busy Bees

Hello All

Finally but slowly my voice is returning back to strength and I am pleased to say the re-arranged date at the Buchan was a great success. I am also delighted to announce our next date at the Made Gallery in Cardiff;  

I will have some new songs to perform at the event, with Loft providing the Visuals https://www.youtu

Interesting line up I must say.

I have added some very recent photos to my photo page so please take a look.

My recent throat virus has put back recording a tad but all in hand and will be returning to studio work as soon as possible.

In the meantime bee good and enjoy this

Hello Spring/Summer who knows?

Hi All.                                                                     Pleased to say got the first gig in almost 18 months under my belt, flipping good it felt and sounded with a 4 piece including Andy, Gareth and Kev (over from San Francisco mandolute in hand),                  all performing new and older songs with Vinna Bee at Landed festival on Sat 30th May...Even if it was with a very sore and squeaky voice.                         Unfortunately I had to cancel the warm up gig at the Andrew Buchan bar Cardiff, due to a Throat Virus which continues as we speak, (very quietly). Many apologies to John the manager of the Andrew Buchan bar, plus to those who missed my Facebook post earlier on the 28th April and turned up at the venue that evening.  The EVENT HAS BEEN RE-SCHEDULED for the 22nd of May (see calendar)

I have posted some photos taken over the period. Firstly by Bari Goddard who thankfully encouraged me to get some Welsh countryside air to aid recovery and to Sara Mayo for the live shots. Thank You both. X X                   Take a look a Vinna Bee photographs page for these, plus whilst you’re at it, keep eyes on the calendar for more live and interesting events coming up soon. Studio work is all going to plan, so keep an eye on this site.                 Been listening to what else but Prince, Parade album and my personal favorite Mountains so …............................  

I say it's only mountains and the sea, love will conquer if u just believe.

Well Hello March!

We have finally had some crisp cold but DRY days the daffs are up in the garden and my solar panels getting some bright sun. Rehearsals are just such fun and I look forward to them every week. Shhhh but... I may have a few new songs to bend your ears with LIVE @ Landed Festival  ( + @ a secret warm up before) with some REALLY different takes on tunes from Treasures of The Apiarist and Eldorado Omega! 

My latest studio work “Icefields” is coming along VERY nicely and have employed layered electronics to interesting effect. I must say I am pleased with the outcome and will update you SOON on this.

As usual been enjoying some great tunes… Vessels 4 AM track, from the Dilate special edition release. Absolutely lush and the video is just great! Accidentally pressed the play button on a Certain Trigger …Maximo Park and their fabulous industrial Lyrics SO…......     

I’ll do Graffiti if you’ll sing to me in French....... Enjoy the Mad March Hares

Hello all. With the depth of winter over, love is in the air with spring just around the corner.

Studio work is on the boil and live stuff is still in its fledgling mode, nicely chilled but sounding good!                                                      

Glad to announce I’ve been asked to play at Landed Festival between April 29th,30th and May 1st, will let you know which date and what stage as soon as poss

It almost felt that Goodbye to the Isles was coming true in 2015 as indeed it felt like we were flooding with nowhere to go …Imagine.

Between rehearsing, recording and all the usual 9 to 5 stuff I’ve been listening to some great music including…. 

Bhi Bhiman… Guttersnipe, Hannah Lou Clarke… Silent Type Ep and of course the wonderful David Bowie…Black Star.

Much more to come so please keep an eye on this site Facebook and Twitter for updates. .  .  

Hello all It’s been a while since I have written anything here for which I apologise. Sometimes things happen in lives which are completely out of our hands, they force us to stop a while and accept loss as an inevitable part of life. I would like to thank so many of you for the lovely messages and emails I received during this most difficult year and the passing of my mother.

 I Hope you had a peaceful Yuletide, Christmas, Holidays whatever you wish to call the festivities just past… 

January Daze the start of something new.

The Bee Garden IS Blooming. 

Following the success of my last release Eldorado Omega and off the back of this accomplishment, some interesting constructive collaborations were offered to me during the earlier part of 2015, in the shape of live, studio and film. Through these collaborations I have been able to visit and experiment both musically and artistically. This pushed me out of the Vinna Bee comfort zone to write, play, scan rhythms and beats I have always wanted to challenge, I shall finally be completing these musical pieces and an interesting film project  over the coming months. I am now feeling refreshed and a hunger to return to Vinna Bee with new Ideas, tunes, lush melodies, beats, waves of harmonies and a guitar with a sound of church bells. 

So I positively welcome 2016 and all it has to bring  musically and artistically with my co- creator Mr B ....Watch this space.  

I wish you all a happy and peaceful 2016

Early January 2015:

Hello & Happy New Year!

2014 was a wonderful year for Vinna Bee culminating with firstly, the release of my second mini album / EP Eldorado Omega” on “Clearwing”.

I have posted a selection of reviews for this on the reviews section of the site and must say that I am more than delighted with not only the depth & appreciation within these reviews but also, the associations made by my music and lyrics across not only the UK & Europe but also North & South America from the lovely emails I have received!                                                                                       Closer to home VERY happy to be one of 15 acts that New Sound Wales believe are going to make an impact on the year ahead

 Also, November saw Vinna Bee perform a penultimate acoustic show at the “Sharrow Folk Festival” in Sheffield, England followed by a double set of songs playing pretty much everything we have performed over the last year in Sennybridge, Wales as a final UK acoustic gig.

It has been 18 month’s of building and performing these shows and for the year ahead in the UK it’s time for something different! Expect a more channeled live production of my songs with rhythmic and electronic subtleties engaged. Things are sounding great in rehearsals so look for my first festival shows which are starting to be booked.

For the US…. Still haven’t finished the acoustics for you guys yet, see you early this year!!!

Finally I  have started to put together a new record release on “Clearwing” in the summer, more news of this as we go along…….

Again, thanks for the love and hope to see you all in 2015  

Vinna Bee (Sian) XXX

Early October 2014

Hello all!!!!

Well it’s been a while since last update of which I apologise but….. The bee yard has been very, very busy!

Firstly, we had a wonderfully successful mini tour of the California Bay area and I would like to thank all the people who befriended us and supported us and made the shows so special……. We'll be back for sure.

Exciting news surrounding the release of Eldorado Omega Mini album/Ep it's here!!

The official release date is the 5th of November 2014.

Really hope you like the mix of electronic & acoustic songs to which I have added a 3 song live recorded session. It is indeed a portrayal of the eclectic theme of Vinna Bee as described by Bethan Elfyn (former radio BBC One DJ)

I am so proud of this project and grateful to ALL who participated in its making.

You will be able to download it and get hold of the CD from our new Bandcamp platform and of course, it will be available from various record stores, of which I will update you of as soon as I they are placed. Also, you can buy it directly from me at one of our live dates so keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming gigs. 

I have also decided to release a single (taken from the album) purely as a download on Bandcamp, release date is the 31st of Oct 2014, the track is entitled “Goodbye to the Isles” and the download version will feature extra artwork unique to the single release. A simply crafted track it features very little instrumentation……..

I/we have the first live date confirmed since California in Sheffield on the 14th of November (keep an eye on the calendar for time and venue).

I hope you like the new look and feel of the website I am really pleased with it.

I wish you all well as Autumn is now upon us, I shall update you all again soon......

Bee good, Bee warm, Bee happy.

Early August 2014

Hello all,

3 UK dates in August before myself, Andy & Hina Disappear to the States for most of September.  Dates are confirmed for the mini tour, check calendar for details and will post a nice poster for them soon.......

The  "Eldorado Omega" release continues to develop and after thinking I'd decided on the track-list before my last post I have had a change of heart and have decided to go with something different........  The 7" vinyl will not happen at this time due to production timescales etc.  although there may still be some vinyl of these tracks in the future....

Will keep you posted of release schedule etc.....

Would be great to see you all at one of the upcoming shows!!!!

Bee Happy!!!!!

Late June 2014

Hello! The weather through May / June has been lovely and the festival music terrific! It was a pleasure to play in tents & fields!!! 

 The "Purple Curtain session" film / video / audio is now complete and I have posted a track - "Atlanta"Live on You tube also on the videos section of this site 

The other videos will follow over the next few months to coincide with the: "Eldorado Omega" EP release that features -  "Atlanta," "CTeHbl" (Walls),  "January Daze," "Goodbye to the Isles" (which will also be a digital download single release) and finally  live songs from The "Purple Curtain" - "Atlanta" (live), "I Know These Things now" (Live), "Wounded Dear" (Live) - 

Keep your ears to the radio for some sneaky previews of these.... 

Its been a busy month also here at "Clearwing" studio with me collaborating and recording / producing some great artists.  Also, some collaborations built on some of the lovely people I have met playing shows further afield.....  More to come on these soon.

July is going to be all about playing live, check calendar for what's coming up....  I am going to be playing some new songs and be accompanied by a real eclectic mix of people for these shows so am really looking forward to them......  September California Bay area tour gets closer..... BEE free!!!


Early May 2014

Wow! That was a nice busy month!  Plenty of Gig's & recording.....! Was nice to play both one of my old favourite venues (O'Calls) along with some new ones in both Cardiff & London and this weekend played the first festival for me for the year, "Landed Festival" just outside Rhayader in a beautiful setting on the banks of the River Wye.  

My recordings for the next single are now complete and are sounding like a bit of a departure from "Treasures of the Apiarist" in many ways but, considering that "Apiarist" is a year old now with such a lot happening between then and now there is no surprise in that!  The video for the title track "Atlanta" is also finished, can't wait to let you see that.


I have also edited a video of some of my adventures from the the last year accompanied by a track called "Стены" (which means "Walls" in Russian).

I have also recorded 3 tracks for a live video session called "The Purple Curtain" which is now in my editing room (and looking & sounding great).  

Dates booked & confirmed (more to be added) for California tour in September.  Lots to do in the UK before then though so keep an eye on the calendar as I am adding more all the time.  Next festival will be two show's at "How the Light Gets In"........, 

Bee Good !!!! 

Mid March 2014……


Back from my second visit to California over the last month or so and this time, played some lovely shows in "Melt" & "Sacred Grounds" both in San Francisco, as a 3 piece with Andy on guitar & Kev North on mandalute…. Also the amazing Kaylah Marin joined us for a few songs in Sacred Grounds…. What a voice! We’ll be back at both venues with full shows in September and, will post some videos from them soon. Also dropped into "Pappy & Harriets, Pioneertown Palace in Pioneertown, Southern California and played a few of our folkier songs as a duo with Andy…. Proper cowboy bar up in the snow capped hills of South California, just along from Joshua tree, was great!. Met some lovely people on this trip…. That’s the great thing about playing music and getting out, you see some great music and meet lovely people.

Looking forward to my next show in Pentrebach, (nr Sennybridge) Brecon on Saturday 22nd March. It’ll be nearly acoustic and lovely!

Was great to support the anti fracking show in Cowbridge Town Hall again, with some great bands playing all for a very worthy cause……

I have some recordings finished and ready to go and festivals starting to be booked for the summer!!!

Love to you all and see you soon.



 Mid February 2013..........

Hello !!!  I have my first show of the year on the 22nd February in Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan which came up un-expectantly during a fortnight back in the UK between my recordings and rehearsals in California (see "Snowglobe of a Dustbowl" on video page...... Will be a special show as it showcases Vinna Bee as a five piece (introducing two new hive members, Gareth Williams & Gerhard Kress) for the first time which, I'm really excited about!  I am starting to get offers for summer festivals and other shows so keep an eye on the calender, already a few up over the next few month's.... 
My plans to release something with Quatre Femmes for record store day this year have unfortunately been scuppered for the time being due to difficulties with distribution and other boring business type things!  Regardless of this I have been pushing ahead with both the recordings and the artwork for these with Phil Owen. I am of course,  reviewing formats and vehicles for these releases over the next few months.....

Spring is around the corner.....  Time to get those "Sunflower Seeds" in !!! X

Early January 2014........

A very, very Happy New Year to you all from Vinna Bee!

Hope you all enjoyed the festive season and have had a chance to have a look at the couple of video's I have put up over the past few weeks.  The "Gray Mare" (a seasonal offering) & "Bears under Decks" (remembering the glorious summer of 2013!)......

So, for the first couple of month's in 2014........ 

Firstly, I am going over to San Fransisco, California (excited!) to start rehearsals / recording some tracks for future "Vinna Bee" releases / shows with "Kev North" our wonderful new Stateside Hive member!

 These rehearsals / recordings will be progressed in both Wales & the US over the next couple of month's..... 

Show wise Vinna Bee will be playing some UK shows in late February / early March to coincide with the next releases......  Along with the first Vinna Bee Stateside shows in early summer 2014.........    

Early December 2013......

As we move into deep mid - winter "Vinna Bee" begins her hibernation into the studio to record her new vinyl single "Atlanta" scheduled for a record store day release in 2014 on "Quatre Femme records" along with the first songs of the new album..... 

With songs from CeCe, Peter Douglas & Foe the "Time to Wrap up" ep released on December 10th 2014 on "Quatre Femmes records" features "Vinna Bee" performing "Grey Mare" a typical "Vinna Bee" slant on an old Celtic traditional chant accompanied by the Inga K filmed video for the song it gives a festival end to the year.........

2014 holds many exciting projects and performances for "Vinna Bee"............  Keep your eyes on this space, see you all in February 2014 for the first shows of the year.  XXX


Early November 2013....

Well......  My lovely musical / art project "Vinna Bee" has officially just past its 6 month's birthday and what a 6 month's it has been for me with over 25 shows in all types of places (see calender for past events). Be it indoors or outdoors, festival or benefit, from coffee shops to clubs from pubs to theaters and even a couple of galleries and pretty much any other space we could find to set up in, We have had great electric and acoustic music, a smattering of performance art and visuals its been great fun! 

To achieve BBC radio Wales upload artist of the week on the Bethan Elfyn show in May and have the pleasure to be interviewed live on the radio by Bethan was a real surprise so early on for me, especially with the mini album "Treasures of the Apiarist" having only been released on "Quatre Femmes records" in mid April.  There have been many radio plays across both local and more far reaching stations with me especially enjoying being added to some of Dr Alex Patersons "Orb" mix's on his shows.....  

There are also the videos for "Silver Sea" & "Sunflower Seeds" & the great "Downbeat Sinatra" remix of "Silver Sea" to add dimension and discussion to the work so far.... 

So....  Whats next.  There are a couple of new "Vinna Bee" releases over the next few month's both of which will be on "Quatre Femmes records". The first will be 2 songs (1 trad & 1 VB orig.) on a seasonal compilation release (as yet untitled) which are both in work and sounding great1  The second, which will be released in the early month's of 2014 will be a vinyl only 12' single of "Atlanta" with 3 versions (including 1 live) all very different and sounding magnificent!  The artwork for "Atlanta" is being produced by my dear friend Phil Owen and is looking fantastic! 

Of course, "Vinna Bee" will continue to play regular shows.  There is the "East meets West" show in Cardiff in  late November with the rest of the QF (who are all tremendous) artists coming down to join us with a reciprocal show in the South East of England early in the new year. There are also a few shows in London & the South East of England over the next few months already booked with more being added all the time so keep an eye on the calender!  Of course, we will continue to play shows in my beloved Wales (as I have an ambition to play every town in Wales!) and of course thanks to all the lovely people I have met and had the pleasure to share the stages with over the last few months....

Love you all and see you soon.....

Sian (Vinna Bee)